Argentinian Food

Argentinian food is famous throughout the world. Argentinian steak is known to be of superb quality and many people visit Argentina just to try it.

One of the most typical ways to eat Argentinian meat is at an asado (barbecues), but it can be enjoyed in many different ways as the meat is such good quality. Argentina is very famous for its red meat, so if you visit Argentina make sure to taste it before you leave! But don't worry, vegetarians, Argentina has many other delicious foods as well.

They are also famous for producing delicious dulce de leche, a type of sweet caramel. The Argentinians eat it at all times of the day and sometimes even straight off a spoon! Another very popular thing in Argentina is mate, a drink made from yerba buena. Red meat, dulce de leche, and mate are found throughout the length and breadth of Argentina, but there are also some dishes which originate from certain regions. For example, in Patagonia more lamb is eaten as there are lots of sheep there.

We also have some famous Argentinian recipes including one for empanadas, which are savory pastries. You can read about some of the secrets of Argentine cuisine and try out our Argentinian recipes in your own home to recreate some of the delicious food eaten in Argentina in your kitchen!