Argentina Music & Dance

Here you will find articles about artists & music in Argentina and you can learn about tango & dance.
Even though tango is the most famous genre of Argentinian music, the country actually has lots of other types of music, too! Each region has its own distinct styles; for example, in Cordoba cuarteto music is particularly popular.

In our pages about Argentinian music you can find out more about lots of different types of music. We will of course tell you far more about tango music though. You can read about its origins, the changes it has gone through, and the different types of tango music as well. We also have pages which include famous Argentinian songs.

Many people will have heard of the song “Don’t cry for me Argentina,” but in these pages you can discover some real Argentinian songs! You can also read about some of the artists who have performed popular Argentinian songs. For example, you can read about Bandana, a female pop group from Buenos Aires who were nominated for several Grammys.

Whatever your taste in music, you are bound to be able to find some Argentinian music that you enjoy, and you can probably discover it here. In this section, you can find out some famous Argentinian songs, read about other Argentinian dances and also about famous Argentinian artists. You are bound to discover something new about Argentinian music!