Cuban culture is diverse, complex and truly fascinating. With so many varying influences throughout its history, from Europe, North America and Africa, an incredibly unique Cuban identity has been shaped. Not only is Cuba a beautiful country, it also has a population that is very friendly and hospitable in spite of the economic difficulties in the last few years.

The Cuban revolution was one of the most fundamental changes to occur in Cuban history. The political and social upheaval that occurred has, without doubt, had a huge impact on the development of modern Cuban culture.

The culture of Cuba is world renowned, especially for its music. Music is an important part of Cuban society, and the traditional musical styles are still popular and influential to this day. Cuban is a vibrant country full of music, of poetry, of dancing, singing and chatting. People still have time for each other and for their guests. Cuban culture has managed to preserve the past whilst still maintaining forward movement. When visiting Cuba, it is like going back in time to the 1950's: old vintage cars, a relaxed atmosphere, and no hurries.

Cuban customs have been somewhat altered by the revolution, due to the eradication of the religion. However, nowadays there is much greater leniency towards religion, and as such, festivities such as Christmas are widely celebrated.

Whilst Cuban people have had to overcome some difficulties, Cuban culture remains defiant- determined to survive and will not be bullied.

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