Cuban Music

Two of the Carribean island's most famous products are music and dance.

Cuban music and dance was greatly influenced by the arrival of African slaves, who introduced new rhythms and ritual dances. These were incorporated into Cuban culture and blended with traditional Spanish melodies and guitars. As this fusion developed, it became increasingly popular and soon rumba rhythms, jazz, and Conga were spreading!

While much of today's popular Cuban music is linked to the Afro-Cuban Santería religion, the most popular type of music is son. Many different styles of music, including mambo, bolera, and salsa, evolved from son. The creolized musical styles born in Cuba continue to be incredibly popular and influential across the world.

Two of the most famous and widely celebrated Cuban artists are Benny Moré, considered the master of the son, mambo, and bolero, who led one of Cuba's most popular big bands in the 1950s; and Dámaso Pérez Prado, known as the "King of the Mambo." Cuban music continues to evolve and grow, with many great Cuban artists still making music.

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