Ecuadorian Society

Learn about Ecuadorian society: customs and traditions, famous people from Ecuador, and more.
Ecuador, located on the northwest coast of South America and intersected by the Equator line, has a population of approximately 15.5 million. The structure of Ecuadorian society is dictated by the three geographic regions which divide the country: the Andean mountains, the coast, and the eastern territory known as El Oriente. Ecuador is heterogeneous both geographically and socially, as each region has its own distinct history, economy, and culture.

Getting to know the Ecuadorian people couldn’t be more fulfilling due to the cultural diversity which characterizes the country. The nation’s social stratification is highly varied and composed of 65% Mestizo, 25% Amerindian, 7% white European and 3% black. There are more than 10 other native languages spoken besides Spanish, including multiple varieties of Quechua, the language of the Incan empire.

One of the most important facets of Ecuadorian culture is the food. At the crux of the nation’s cuisine are fruit and vegetables, as well as many types of fish and seafood. However, perhaps the most notable feature of Ecuadorian food is the widespread use of the sauce known as “aji”. Normally seen accompanying rice and chicken dishes, this hot sauce can be witnessed in many different variations and is a firm, spicy favorite among locals.

Ecuadorian society is full of multiplicity waiting to be discovered.

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