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Get to know all there is to know about Ecuador and its people, a country with some of the greatest demographical diversity in the world. A country of just under 15.5 million, the largest racial group in Ecuador is the Mestizo, which constitutes 72% of the population. About 6% is white.

Religion is an important aspect of Ecuadorian society, with over 95% of Ecuadorian people identifying themselves as Roman Catholic. Its history as a former Spanish colony means much of the population descends from the European colonizers – and most of them speak Spanish.

Quechua and Shuar are two of the country’s largest minority indigenous languages. Ecuador is a fairly conservative country when it comes to culture and etiquette. As you’ll learn in these pages, it’s common for people to greet each other before having a conversation.

Also, Ecuadorian people are very punctual, unlike their other Latin American counterparts! Ecuador is the birthplace of many people who, around the world, are recognized for different contributions to Ecuador’s society.