Golf and Tennis

Do you like the idea of practicing Spanish outside while you enjoy playing your favorite sport? Want to try a new experience during your Spanish course? You've found what you're looking for: at don Quijote we offer golf and tennis classes, with clubs or racquet included!

Golf and Tennis classes in Spanish


Whether you prefer to drive balls on the golf course or work your backhand on the tennis court, at our school in Marbella you're in luck! With more than 300 days of sunshine a year, the city is the perfect place to combine learning Spanish with outdoor sports, as evidenced by the large number of first rate clubs and facilities in the area. Whether you're an experienced athlete or new to the sport, the classes are adapted to your level so ensure your skills improve quickly and efficiently.

Don't worry about the equipment: we provide the golf clubs, tennis racquets, and balls so you won't have to set space aside in your suitcase.


These courses are available at our school in Marbella.

Golf lessons are held at Real Club de Golf Guadalmina, a prestigious club that's been in Marbella for more than 50 years, a 30-minute bus ride from our school.

Tennis classes are held at the Royal Tennis Club, a 20-minute bus ride from our school. You'll have the chance to play on both hard courts and clay courts.

The golf and tennis courses include 5 classes with an instructor and 5 practice classes each week.

*Initially, the course is structured into two one-hour classes each day (one hour with the instructor and one hour of practice), but it is possible to speak with the instructor and agree on a different arrangement if that's better for you. We will be as flexible as possible. The school will help you design your classes to fit your schedule.
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