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Spanish course certification information for students, academic institutions, and potential employers.
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How to earn a don Quijote certificate

All students who attend at least 85% of their classes during their Spanish course in Spain or Latin America will receive a don Quijote certificate at the end of their program.

Information included in the certificate

  • Student name
  • don Quijote school
  • Program start and end dates
  • Spanish course name and level
  • Number of class hours attended
  • Student Spanish level at the end of the program

How to verify the validity of a don Quijote certificate

To confirm the validity of a don Quijote, please use our certificate verification page.

You can use a student's passport or ID number to confirm that they hold a don Quijote certificate. Please keep in mind that you will need to use the passport or ID number provided by the student when they signed up for the Spanish course.

If you have any questions about the certificate verification process, or if you have any problems with the validation process, please contact us at


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