The well-being and satisfaction of all of our customers is very important to us We guarantee our services and the quality of our programs so we can exceed your expectations

Our Guarantee

Combine cities and countries
You can combine programs in any of our destinations, allowing you to experience more than one Spanish-speaking region during your stay.

Highly qualified teachers
All our teachers are native speakers, hold a university degree (many also have a doctorate), and have more than 15 years of proven experience.

Success on the DELE exam
If you take a 12-week program and the 4-week DELE preparation course, we guarantee that you will pass the DELE exam. If not, you will receive a free 4-week program and we will cover your reexamination fees.
Small class sizes
We guarantee high levels of student-teacher interaction with small groups of three to eight students, depending on the course.

Homestay satisfaction guarantee
If you aren’t completely comfortable with your host family for whatever reason, you can change to a different family at no extra cost.
All Spanish levels
We offer courses for all Spanish levels, and we guarantee that you’ll be placed at the correct level according to your skills.

Live close to school
Choose one of don Quijote’s accommodation options and walk or use public transportation to meet up with your friends every day in 30 minutes or less, guaranteed.

True linguistic immersion
There are never more than three non-native Spanish speakers in the same host family to ensure an optimal immersion experience in your destination country.
Money-back guarantee
If you’re not completely satisfied for any reason, contact us within 24 hours after the problem occurs and we’ll work to solve it in less than two days. If you’re still not satisfied, we’ll try to reach an agreement directly with you or through an independent mediator.
Cancellation guarantee
When you pay the cancellation fee, you can rest easy in case an unexpected event makes you want to cancel your program.


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