Museums of Peru

Find out more about the Museo de Arte de Lima, the Inca museum in Cuzco, and many more.
Peruvian museums are spread out all over the country. The Museo de Arte de Lima holds not only a fantastic collection of art and artifacts from all periods of the country's history, but has frequent exhibitions, making it one of Peru's main attractions for art fans.

And while the museums in Lima may be the most famous, (including Museo de la Nación and Museo de Historia Natural among many others), they are by no means the only Peruvian museums worth visiting. Cusco museums are famous for their collections of Incan art and artifacts, as it was the civilization's capital.

Museo Inca de la Universidad del Cusco is one of the most prominent Peruvian museums for Incan artwork, and the Museo de Arte del Convento de Santa Catalina holds an impressive collection of art from the Cusco school, where Spanish colonialists taught Peruvians the European style of art.

Among the many Trujillo museums is the Museo de Arqueologia de la Universidad Nacional de Trujillo, which holds a beautiful collection of artifacts from the Huaca de la Luna (Temple of the Moon) dating from the 9th century. The Museo Nacional de Arqueología Antropología e Historia del Perú is another great museum of Peru; it is the oldest and largest state museum in the country.