Online Intensive 25 course

Improve your Spanish and be more fluent with our Online Super Intensive 25. With this online course you will make solid and fast progress in the language. You can combine 20 online Spanish classes per week with 5 extra conversation workshops. In this way, you will improve your skills and become more independent.

AGES 13+

More focus on you with our online lessons


Our online Intensive 25 is perfect for the student who wants to progress in Spanish successfully and quickly. It's designed for students who prefer to develop their classes in a environment of 12 people maximum.
With 20+5 live lessons per week, this student seeks to improve his Spanish in a short time and get all the benefits of his lessons.
In our Super Intensive 25 lessons are taught in small groups so the student will participate in class many times, solve any doubts with the teacher and share what he has learned with the other students.


The Intensive 25 course combines 20 online sessions per week with 5 extra conversation workshops. In this way, you will progress in you Spanish in a short period of time, consolidate your knowledge and also gain fluency in conversation.
This intensive online program is taught in small groups and
55-minute classes, so you will improve your skills, speak Spanish clearly and fluently, and gain more autonomy in a very short time.

 flexible class schedule

Course availability

You will have daily live online classes from Monday to Friday

timetable options

Morning and afternoon timetable options are available. Classes are from 9 am - 2 pm or 3 pm - 8 pm (Madrid CST). Please use a time zone converter to find the exact time difference of your country.

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Comfort and convenience

At don Quijote we create inspiring e-learning environments so students can take their online Spanish classes from the comfort of their home. Anytime and anywhere, with no travel expenses and no accommodation costs. Learn Spanish online with the Leading Spanish Language Institute.

Three decades of experience

More than a million students have chosen don Quijote. Our online Spanish classes are certified by Instituto Cervantes, the sole international accreditation body for Spanish-teaching institutions. Over the years, our student-centered approach has helped us put our clients at the heart of everything we do.

Expert teachers

Our motivated teachers take into consideration each person's needs and interests. don Quijote's faculty has an average of 15 years of proven experience teaching Spanish and all our teachers love what they do. That's how they keep students actively engaged in the online Spanish classes and make them feel like they are face-to-face.

Live classes

Our online Spanish classes are designed in an interactive way so students are constantly involved in the lesson. There is no recorded material; teachers explain the contents and answer questions in real time. This way, interaction is guaranteed both with international students and teachers.

Certificate of completion

After finishing the program, students earn a certificate of completion which is accredited by Instituto Cervantes. This document states de level of proficiency that has been acquired after attending the online Spanish classes. Both employers and universities appreciate this certificate as a proof of a foreign language knowledge.

Which levels are offered?

There are online Spanish classes available for all six levels, from complete beginner (A1) to superior (C2). The levels of our courses are developed according to the Instituto Cervantes curriculum (PCIC), which follows the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

How is the student’s level determined?

Once you’ve booked your online Spanish classes, we will send you a link to take an online placement test. With the test results we will determine your level and assign you a group.

Who are the teachers?

don Quijote teachers are highly qualified professionals in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, with more than 15 years of proven experience. Our online staff works as well in our Spanish schools in Spain, and they will help you learn the language in an enjoyable and effective way.

What are online group classes like?

Online Spanish classes are delivered in real time with a maximum of 14 students in the case of Intensive 20 and 8 students in the case of Intensive 25, which makes it easier to engage with other participants. Each session lasts 45 minutes and there are 20-minute breaks between sessions.

What are the One-to-One sessions like?

Online private classes last 55 minutes and start any weekday (Mon-Fri). You can book packs of 5, 10, 15 or 20 online Spanish classes that you must attend within the same week. Private classes are carefully crafted and tailored to your goals, needs, interests, and learning style with ease at your own pace.

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes, all of our online Spanish classes include a certificate of completion, which we will send you by email after completing the program. This end-of-course certificate includes the dates of the program, course name and level, and the number of hours attended.

How are the e-learning platform and e-book?

Using the secure Microsoft Teams platform, students can interact in real time with their teacher and classmates, just as they would in person.

Our e-learning platform provides students with an e-book, which is an interactive exercise book. You can complete it at your own pace and comfortably from any device. Exercises are either corrected during the online Spanish classes or you can send an email to your teacher with questions any time.

How do I register?

Press on the "Book now" button or fill in your details in the form below to talk to an academic advisor. We will guide you through every step of the process.
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"I was impressed that the teacher was so aware of every sentence we were saying and making corrections in real time when we needed. It is a big plus that classes are live and that your questions are answered instantly. You really learn the language and don’t lose track at any time."

Jayden R. (First don Quijote online student)

"I would expect online classes to be boring... but not at all! The teacher guides you throughout the lesson and makes you interact with your classmates. You totally forget that you are at home alone and that makes you feel as you are really at a real don Quijote school."

Pauline D. (Online Intensive 25 student)


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