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We compiled our most common questions here to answer all of your pending questions regarding our language courses.

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When will I know my class schedule?

You will not be able to know the exact schedule of your classes until 7 days before starting your course. In general, the classes of our Spanish courses take place during the mornings of 9am and 1pm, and from 3pm to 8pm but there is some flexibility.


What text books are used?

Our experts publish our own don Quijote books to ensure we are using relevant and updated material. Text books are given to students on the first day of class.

How do I know if I can earn university credits for attending don Quijote courses?

Yes, you can earn university credits while studying with don Quijote. We already have an agreement with many American universities and we would be happy to start a study program with your university. 

If earning university credits is important to you, let us know on the first day of class. This is because you may have to take some specific tests according to the American academic system. 

Is there any age limit for joining our courses?

In regular courses the average age is 18. (We offer special courses and summer camps for students under 18 years of age.)

Age has never been a limitation for us, in fact we have programs that span very broad age ranges, so far we have welcomed adult students 19-83 years old. It's always a good time to learn Spanish!

How is my spanish level determined?

We determine the make-up of the group according to the students’ abilities. The first day of the course begins with an oral and written test. If you are a beginner you will start directly in a beginners group.

Can I earn any official certification?

Yes, of course. We offer great preparation courses as well, with a very high pass rate.

For students of Spanish as a second language we recommend testing for the DELE (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera) certificate. This is the most well-known exam and is great especially if you hope to work in a bilingual office one day. There are six levels with six corresponding exams you can take to earn your certificate. We guarantee you will pass after taking a DELE preparation course with us!

The SIELE (Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española) is also an excellent choice, and is one of the newer exams available. We also offer great preparation courses for the SIELE. This exam must be renewed every two years and tests Spanish as a rich, varied language with different vocabulary and phrases throughout the world. This exam is especially helpful for getting into universities and landing prestigious jobs in the Spanish-speaking world.

If you are specifically interested in business, we recommend that you take the Chamber of Commerce Business Spanish Exam. This exam is also officially recognized and focuses on a wide range of business-related topics. Our preparation course is incredibly interesting; you are sure to learn all about finance, politics and tourism as it relates to the Spanish-speaking world, and beyond.

What type of certificate will I receive from dQ at the end of my course?

At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of accomplishment if you have attended at least 85% of your classes. This certificate indicates the course you took, duration, objectives, Spanish proficiency level, special subjects, additional courses and the number of hours completed. 

If you completed less than 85% of your classes your certificate will only show the actual number of classes you attended. 

If you speak with us at the beginning of your courses, we can also give students from the United States an evaluation that meets the American rating system (eg. A+ or B-). This is necessary to earn university credits.

Can I take private classes at don Quijote?    

Of course! In addition to group courses, don Quijote offers one-to-one private Spanish classes. Private classes are offered at all don Quijote schools for all levels. You may also request customized language content to learn the vocabulary for a certain field, such as literature, business, medical Spanish or any other subject.

The price is per hour, with packages available when you take five classes or more per week, and/or study in private classes with a friend.

Our Premium courses allow you to easily combine a mini-group course with one-to-one classes, in one-price packages. Combining a group course with private classes is a highly effective way to make maximum progress in your Spanish skills in a limited time.

Will I be able to transfer academic credits from don Quijote to my own university?

It is very important that if you are thinking about obtaining credits of your university, you indicate to us the first day of class, since you will have to do specific tests to be able to evaluate you according to your academic system.

What happens if there are no students with my same level?

This is very unlikely at don Quijote. One of our strengths is that, due to the large number of students we have all year round, we can always make groups not only for each level, but also for sub-levels, which guarantees that you will always be with the students of your same level and give you more oppotunities to practice.

Do I have to take an exam after each level?

This is not necessary since our teachers make continuous evaluations. However, if you are studying with us over a long period, we would like to give you an occasional exam so that you can clearly see your own progress. This will encourage you to keep learning!

What is the máximum number of students per class?

For intensive and super intensive courses, we guarantee that you will never have a group of more than 10 students at a don Quijote school. Typically, the classes are much smaller, but it varies depending on the destination, course and time of the year.

Do you recommend taking the Intensive course with 25 or 30 hours per week?

Both are great options, and it depends on your preferences. If you are interested in making quick progress and want to practice as much as possible in class, take our Intensive 30 course. However, with our Intensive 25 course you have more time to get out of the classroom and discover your city while practicing with locals in real-world situations.

Another great option is taking one of the intensive courses and adding private lessons to your program for more specialized attention. This gives you a chance to hone in on your weaknesses and we can even specialize the subject material or vocabulary.

Does don Quijote offer business courses?

Yes, we do! We offer Premium Executive Programs, Chamber of Commerce Business Spanish Exam Preparation Courses and Private One-on-One Classes.

Our Business Exam Prep Course is ideal for boosting your resume with an official certificate. You must have at least a B1 level to sign up for this course.

Private one-on-one classes can be arranged to focused on business, just let us know what you're interested in.

Our Premium Executive Programs are complete packages of intensive classes, networking lunches with professionals, private classes and private online classes. 

Do you offer special prices for groups?

Yes, We offer special pricing for group courses of 6 or more. We love working with travel agents and teachers to coordinate group trips as well! Contact us at for more information.


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