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Don’t forget about your visa! Not everyone needs one, but you might! It will depend on what country you are traveling to, where your passport is from and how long you are staying in the country. Oh, and don’t forget to make sure your passport won't expire soon. Read below for more information.

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Will I need a visa for Spain?

• Citizens of countries belonging to the European Union do not need a visa to enter Spain.
• Citizens of many countries (such as the USA, Brazil, Japan, Korea...) can enter and stay in Spain for a period of 3 months without a visa. If you are going to stay longer you should apply for student visa (type D) before coming to Spain.
• Students from other countries must contact their nearest Spanish Embassy or Consulate to find out if they need to obtain a visa.
• don Quijote can assist students in applying for visas by providing an official Letter of Invitation, if required.

Do I need a visa to travel to any of the language schools in South America?

This depends on where your passport is from, the specific country you are traveling to and how long you are staying. You can get more information about visa requirements from the nearest embassy or consulate of your destination country.

Americans can easily check if they need a visa requirements at this website:

For those students who do need to process a visa, don Quijote will be able to provide the required official Letter of Invitation once full payment has been made.

How can I find my country's embassy or consulate in my destination?

The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain has a complete list of the addresses of consulates and embassies in Spain.

What happens if I already enrolled in a course and I didn’t receive my visa? 

Students who required any type of invitation letter to obtain a student visa for their program and ultimately had to cancel due to denial of the visa will be refunded on the condition that the student sends us the official, original and certified letter of denial directly from the embassy in question. If this copy is not received by don Quijote, 100% of the cost of the program will be charged.


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