Customs in Argentina

One of the most important parts of Argentinian culture has to be the Argentinian customs. Here you can read more about them.
Argentinian people are very sociable and like to gather over food with family and friends. Here you can read more about how the Argentinian people drink their mate, what the difference is between amargo and dulce, and of course about some of the many types of meat that you might get to eat if you are lucky enough to get invited to an asado.

You can also read about some of their other passions, tango and football for example. In our pages on tango there is a whole range of information and you will be able to learn about the origins of tango, tango music, famous tango dancers, and much more!

There are many more sections to explore, for example in our section about Argentinian people you can read about Diego Maradona and his soccer superstardom.

Even if soccer and tango aren't your thing, you are bound to find something that calls to you in the pages in this section. You will be able to learn all about the customs of the Argentinian people, preparing you for your trip to Argentina or simply allowing you to know more about this fantastic country.

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