Dominican Culture

Learn more about the culture and customs of the Dominican Republic.

The culture of the Dominican Republic has been influenced by a huge range of variables, from the arrival of European colonizers to U.S. occupation and years of political corruption. Without a doubt, the turbulence of the Dominican Republic's history has impacted its culture greatly.

Cultural products such as Dominican art and literature have been shaped by the changing conditions throughout history. While the influences brought about by colonization and foreign occupation have not been entirely negative, and some significant techniques and styles have been incorporated into Dominican culture; there is a sense, especially with Dominican literature, of a fragile grasp on cultural identity due to the instability. And as such, there has been a constant effort to define identity and separate Dominican culture from external manipulation.

Indeed, there are areas of culture that are truly unique and a source of great pride for the Dominican people. Music and dance is a prime example; the colorful and diverse Bachata and Merengue are great symbols of Dominican culture

With regards to Dominican society, there has always been a strong belief in the power of the family unit. The strong family structure has ensured that cultural characteristics, such as Dominican customs, holidays, and even the cuisine have remained strong against the waves of upheavals.

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