Your language success is our success Our academic programs in combination with inspiring professors, a proven methodology, and motivated students is our combo for success.


Before you leave for your program you will receive and email from us requesting you take an online language test. We´ll use these results of this test together with an oral test you will do during your first day of school, to make sure you are in the right class. At don Quijote our language levels follow the European Framework of Reference for Languages:
  • A1: Beginner Level.
  • A2: Elementary Level. You will be able to
  • B1: Intermediate Level
  • B2: Upper Intermediate Level
  • C1: Advanced Level
  • C2: Proficiency Level
We guarantee continuity within all levels so that you can have a seamless learning experience with no interruptions. Every level is offered in all schools on a weekly basis which allows you for full flexibility to combine destinations.



Our innovative and personalized learning method blends classroom lessons and cultural immersion and is based on 5 pillars:
We take a personalized and student-centered approach to teaching in which professors and students are actively engaged in the learning experience. Therefore, our study groups are made of a maximum of 8 students which allows for lively classroom discussions and interactive learning.

Our classes are taught using our interactive learning methodology which focuses on reenacting practical situations. This requires constant student interaction and communication.

To ensure the effectiveness of our programs, don Quijote follows a general schedule of morning and afternoon classes. However, as part of our commitment to flexibility, we are happy to work with students and groups to meet their specific needs. We guarantee continuity within all levels so that you can have a seamless learning experience with no interruptions.

Over the past 30 years don Quijote has taught Spanish to over 1 million students worldwide. The international don Quijote community is global and you will be able to meet don Quijote alums in every part of the world you travel to.

MOTIVATED AND EXPERIENCED FACULTY. The enthusiasm, experience and professionalism of our 400 faculty members is guaranteed. Our teachers have proven experience in teaching Spanish as a second language and are eager to help their students in learning Spanish in an enjoyable and effective way.


Would you like personalized attention?

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