Learn Spanish in Valencia Junior Program

A sunny beachside destination complete with historic neighborhoods, a vibrant art scene, ultramodern architecture, and internationally acclaimed gastronomy, Spain's third largest city is an adventure playground for inquisitive young minds. With the sparkling Mediterranean Sea on one side and the expansive green landscapes of Turia Park snaking through the city, students have the perfect mixture of natural and urban landscapes to enjoy and explore. Your children will love learning and using Spanish to unlock the mysteries of their new favorite city. 
START DATES: 7/1, 16/6, 30/6, 14/7, 28/7
AGES 14-18

Your Junior Program in Valencia

Student Profile

Young people are fascinated by Valencia's many faces. Whether they're walking through the towering 14th-century city gates, biking along the beach, devouring paella, or watching the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences ripple in the reflecting pool, unknown worlds new and old are constantly calling out to be explored. And what better way to discover Valencia than with a gaggle of international friends improving their Spanish together.

Sharing a multicultural classroom with other teenagers from around the globe is a life-changing experience that opens students' eyes to the true value of language learning. Forming friendships with a diverse group of people will boost your children's intercultural understanding, challenge them in healty ways, and give them an expanded vision of how they fit into our increasingly globalized world.

Benefits of the Junior Program

Embarking on a study abroad experience at a young age is a surefire recipe for personal growth. With 20 or 30 intensive Spanish classes per week, students gain the skills and confidence they need to use the language in the real world after class. Three fun cultural group activities per week ensure students see the highlights while leaving an ample amount of free time to experience the city in the way they find most fulfilling. From snapping photos of the colorful street art in El Carmen to sampling adventurous new foods at the bustling markets and savoring the simple joy of watching the sunset on the beach, they'll have endless opportunities to develop their independence and embrace the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Example activities in Valencia

  • Museums: City of Arts and Sciences, Fallas Museum, Silk Exchange
  • Visits: Central Market, tour of the Old Town
  • Other activities: Picnic on the beach, biking through Turia Park, photographic scavenger hunt around Plaza de la Virgen, paella cooking class

*Start Dates: 7/1, 16/6, 30/6, 14/7, 28/7
What better place to learn Spanish than right on the Mediterranean coast? There’s nothing like having an authentic paella on the beach! Valencia was everything I imagined and more. Studying at don Quijote took me out of my comfort zone and gave me the courage to speak Spanish and interact on another level. When you study in Spain, you learn more than just the language: you interact with the locals and they show you their traditions and way of life.

Sam (Student - Valencia)

I had an amazing experience in Marbella, it was a great combination of learning, glamour, and fun in the sun. I loved being able to go to the beach every day after class, and my roommates and I practiced our Spanish together at home. After my experience with don Quijote, I’m motivated to continue studying the language so I can keep traveling and learning about other cultures.

Vera (Student - Marbella)

I never thought I’d meet so many people from so many different countries. The classes at don Quijote are very international, plus there’s a great student atmosphere in Salamanca thanks to the famous university. I picked up a lot of Spanish words and phrases just by talking with locals. My roommates and I also put sticky notes all around the apartment to help us remember our new vocabulary. The city itself was great, you can see the most incredible architecture just walking to the supermarket. I can’t believe how much I learned, both in class and in the real world. I would definitely recommend studying at don Quijote in Salamanca.

Paul (Student - Salamanca)

The island of Tenerife is incredible. There’s so much to do, you can enjoy life in the city or get away from it all by going on a beautiful hike or taking it easy on the beach. Learning Spanish here at don Quijote was a dream come true. The teachers were very patient with me, and every day I felt a bit more comfortable speaking in Spanish. Now I can have real conversations in a new language, which will open doors for me the future.

Clara (Student - Tenerife)

Sam Vera Paul Clara


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