Culture Classes

Guided tours of the most important cultural sites around the city, classes where you'll learn about the surprising traditions, unique history, and regional flavors of the country you've decided to visit…the culture course at don Quijote is the perfect way to round out your Spanish program.

Latin American Culture Classes


This course is great way to get a tighter grip on the Spanish language and local culture. Continue learning Spanish with eye-opening cultural visits, informative walks around the city, and classes that cover the history, traditions, art, and other aspects of each country. Find yourself in new situations where you'll have to use your Spanish to communicate. Not only will you practice what you've learned in class, you'll also pick up new vocabulary and feel more comfortable speaking and interacting in another language.

Learn fun facts about ancient Maya culture, enchanting customs surrounding the Day of the Dead, pre-Inca art, local gastronomy, and traditional music at our destinations in Latin America. You'll have the chance to visit the most notable cultural attractions and understand the significance behind them, thanks to the explanations of your teacher.


Our culture classes are offered at the following schools in Latin America: Santo Domingo de Heredia (Costa Rica), Quito (Ecuador), and Guanajuato and Playa del Carmen (Mexico). If you're interested in adding culture classes to your language course in other destinations in Latin America, please contact us and we'll inform you of additional options.

The culture course is organized into six hours each week; each school structures the course around the local culture. The course can be customized — our school will be happy to focus on the topics that most interest the students — and includes both theoretical classes and visits to museums and important historical sites.
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