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Do you have any questions related to accommodations during your stay at one of our don Quijote schools? Here is a list of some of the most common questions and our responses.

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Are bed sheets and towels included?

At all of our accommodations we include fresh linen; at the student residence towels are also included.

Is there WiFi?

At the shared apartments and student residence there is always Wi-fi available for you to use. At the homes of our host families it depends on the availability, however, these days most homes have a good Wi-Fi connection.

How far from the language school are the accommodations?

Whether you choose accommodation or a shared apartment, you will be within 10-15 minutes of your don Quijote school. If you choose to stay with a host family the maximum distance is 30 minutes, on foot or by public transportation.

What is including in half board? 

Half board includes two meals per day: breakfast and dinner.

At what time is check-in and check-out?

Check in is at 12pm (2pm in Malaga) on the Sunday before your first day of class (which is Monday). Check-out is at 12pm (10am in Malaga) on the Saturday after your last day of class (which is usually a Friday).

What if I want to change my accommodations or course because I don’t feel comfortable?

If you are not happy with your accommodations or course, we can always change it for you, we just need a justified reason. You can contact your academic or accommodations coordinator to address any issue during your stay.

I don’t know if I should choose to stay at a shared apartment or at the student residence! Can you help?

Both are great options and can add great qualities to your experience! Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Shared apartments offer independence and flexibility. You will be sharing common spaces with roommates including a living room, kitchen, and bathroom. You have common space to enjoy chatting with friends or studying. You can look forward to going grocery shopping (an excuse to practice Spanish!), because you will be preparing your own meals and washing your own clothes. Of course, you will not have to worry about bedding, electricity or water. Everything is included. However, you will be responsible for cleaning the apartment with your roommates.

Our student residences also offer independence and flexibility, but provide some cleaning and cooking services to save you time to focus on your studies. Students come from all over the world, and our residences vary in size from a capacity of 15 to 150 students. Don’t like to cook? No problem! We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. We offer the option to have an en suite private bathroom or a shared bathroom at most locations. All these residences are within a convenient distance from our schools, and are right in the middle of the city. The price is a little higher than the shared apartment, however, there are more services available for you!

At a home stay, will I have a Schedule?

You will not be put on a schedule and can come and go as you please. However, we ask that you are considerate of the family and are especially careful not to disturb them at night.

What accommodations options does don Quijote offer in Spain?

There are three accommodation options available in Spain:
- Home stay 
- Shared Apartments
- Student Residence

If I choose half board, can I have lunch instead of dinner? 

Half board is breakfast and dinner. We are unable to change it, unless you prefer to have full board, in which case you would be able to join us for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I have a special diet, I am vegetarian, I am lactose intolerant, ect. Can I still live with a host family?

Yes! We can accommodate you, just let us know exactly what you need when you make your reservation.

How many students live with the same family?

Some of the families only take in one student, while others will take in 2 or 3. We try to not to have students from the same country live together so they have more opportunity to practice Spanish.

What is included in the price of a week in the student residence?

Students have the choice between individual or double room and between half or full board. Bed linen and blankets are at the disposal of students. Common room with TV in each residence, central heating, WiFi access and cleaning of the common areas are included in the price. Students will be able to wash their clothes at or close to the residence. The cleaning of the room is not included.

What is included in the price of a week in a shared flat?

You can choose between individual or double room. Bed linen and blankets will already be in the flat. Water, gas and electricity are also included. No meals are offered, but all apartments have a well-equipped kitchen, as well as a TV, common room and central heating. Students can wash and iron their clothes in the flat. The cleaning of the room is not included in the price, but the cleaning of the common area is included. Most properties have WiFi access.

Can I stay in don Quijote accommodations after the end of my course?

If we have availability we can offer you three extra nights before and after your program.


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