Spanish Film

An innovative way of introducing yourself to the Spanish culture is by watching Spanish films. Listening to a Spanish movie is an excellent way to train your ear to the rhythm and cadence of spoken Spanish while also learning colloquial expressions.

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The increase of Spanish actors and Spanish actresses in English speaking films (like Paz Vega in Spanglish) as well as movies filmed or set in Spain have had a strong influence on Spanish film. This exposure has brought Spanish directors, Spanish actors and Spanish actresses international fame while propelling Spanish cinema to a global level and furthering driving the expansion of the Spanish language.

Spanish cinema is a growing industry. This is demonstrated each year by the number of Spanish films which are presented in famous international film festivals or nominated for Hollywood prizes like the Golden Globes and Oscars or the Spanish Goya awards, in which the winners receive a small bronze bust statue of the Spanish painter Francisco Goya.


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