Spanish Fashion

This section is dedicated to the Spanish fashion, Spanish design and of course Spanish designers who made the Spanish fashion industry famous all around world.

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Spanish fashion is a success all over the world. Spain is home to famous fashion designers, prestigious international fashion labels and some of the most sought after top models who have walked the catwalk in cities like Milan, London, New York and Paris.

The Spanish fashion world, as frivolous as it may seem, is an industry worth billions that not only enables Spanish companies to make money but also serves to globally promote not only Spanish fashion but the country itself. In turn, this international exposure serves to further spread the use of the Spanish language.

Madrid Fashion Week and the Gaudi Catwalk in Barcelona are both events that hold an important place in the global fashion scene. During these festivals Spanish fashion designers showcase their work by demonstrating the best Spanish fashion trends. These fashion shows compare to those of Paris and Milan.


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