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In Spain there are many regional and national holidays which means that there is a Spanish festival or Spanish fiesta being celebrated somewhere in Spain every month of every year. Experiencing Spanish fiestas first hand is a great way to immerse yourself in the Spanish culture and to learn about important traditions and holidays in Spain.

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Spanish festivals and holidays are famous around the world. Spain is known for its great quality of life and strong traditions which translates into spectacular Spanish fiestas and celebrations that fill the country with a zest for life that visitors can experience in every corner of Spain throughout the year.

Every town, city and region has its own traditional holidays or Spanish fiestas in honor of a patron saint, founder or important historical event. During these Spanish festivals traditional Spanish food is enjoyed and outsiders are welcomed to join in all of the fiesta events and holiday celebrations.

Some of the most famous Spanish festivals and Spanish fiestas include: the Falles fiesta and Tomatina festival in Valencia, the San Fermín festival in Pamplona, Carnival celebrations in Cadiz and Tenerife and Holy Week festivities throughout the country.

You can plan your trip around famous Spanish fiestas by using our cultural calendar which lists the important Spanish holidays and celebrations that take place throughout the year!


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