Places in Spain

If someone were to ask you about Barcelona or Madrid, or places like Doñana or the Pyrenees Mountains, you would probably say that you have heard of these famous Spanish sites. They are cities and places in Spain that are famous around the world for various reasons including culture, art and nature.

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In this section you can learn about some of the best sites in Spain; whether it be a city, monument or location in the great outdoors. Spain's privileged geographical location on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe contributes to its hugely diverse landscapes.

Additionally, throughout Spain's history many different cultures and civilizations have conquered one another and in some cases peacefully coexisted. All of them have left their mark on Spain and thus contributed to the unique characteristics and interesting sites and monuments in the country today.

Spanish coastal cities with beautiful beaches or Spanish towns tucked away in the mountainside always have unique places nearby to be discovered by the curious traveler. You can always chat with the locals and get swept away in the many stories and legends that surround the city's history and monuments.

Large cathedrals and landscapes with castles, golden sand beaches, green forests and deserts; discover the different dynamics of all the unique and exciting places to visit in Spain.


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